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 The King and the Am Ha'aretz

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PostSubject: The King and the Am Ha'aretz   Thu Feb 02, 2012 9:42 pm

I like this footnote in Artscroll Tehillim 94:1,
There is a beautiful and powerful story about a King and the Ignoramus. I totally relate to this story and have gratitude towards Rabbis who dedicate their lives in educating gentiles. If anyone knows where I can find the story other than this [footnote 1] please let me know. I don't know if its in the Talmud somewhere or Midrash? But would love to find it.
Well here is the story in my own brief words...
" there was this king entering his town with all his majestic army and all the people were rejoicing, throwing flowers just cheering him on as he entered and passed, an am ha'aretz picked up a stone threw it at the king and knocked over the kings crown, the general asked the king if he should kill the fool and the king responded by asking, "what good will it benefit himself, the kingdom or the am ha'aretz if the king should slay him?" The king used his wisdom and told the general to take the fool, clothes him with the finest garments, take him to the finest schools and educate him. The am ha'aretz lived in the kings castle for many years and with his education and new found wisdom-he grieved at the understanding on just how merciful and gracious the king truely was, so he went to the king and begged for forgiveness, "Now that I am educated and lived in your castle for years, you treated me among your royalties as your own, I am forever in your debt, so now I know that you spared my life when I deserved death"
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The King and the Am Ha'aretz
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