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 Jordi Savall - Jerusalem

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PostSubject: Jordi Savall - Jerusalem   Jordi Savall - Jerusalem EmptyWed Jun 12, 2013 4:00 pm

I just need to share this with you!
As we speak I am listening to and watching this concert by Jordi Savall...
And I am a bit of a Savall-fangirl, but I think one might objectively cal this a masterpiece. The concert is called Jerusalén - La ciudad de las dos paces, or Jerusalem, city of the two peaces: earthly and heavenly peace.
Jordi Savall has a long career of studying ancient and world music, he started his career with studying the old music of Spain, I believe, and over the years he has worked a lot on Oriental music, too. He has a project of which I have forgotten the name with his late wife, Montserrat Figueras,  but which had as its goal promoting mutual understanding between people through music, esthetics and the experience of emotion through beauty being a bridge between people. With his music and the talks he gives in music festivals, on the radio etc., Savall has spread a message of mutual understanding and peace (especially in the middle east) for a very long time. He talks often about the links between the music of different areas in the mediterranean and how different peoples, who sometimes are on bad terms with each other, share this musical culture. I've had the pleasure to hear him speak about both music and his social engagements and I think this is on of the persons I admire the most in the world.
No, I am not paid to write this.
Just a bit background on why I love Jordi Savall. Apart from his music, but the music speaks for itself in the video below. It is a concert composed of music from the Jewish, Christian and Muslim tradition, a merging of different sounds from around the mediterranean, revolving around texts on Jerusalem and on peace.
It attemps to tell the history of the city and hat it means for the different faiths.
For those who don't want to spend two hours on watching the whole concert (which I do recommend <3) from minute 18 to 26 there is a kind of 'Jewish set', with the singing of two psalms in Hebrew (and it strikes me how much this sounds like the Muslim cantor/muezzin ? who recited a Quran sura just before) and the recitation of a story from the talmud un music.

I hope this isn't spam. To me this is pure beauty.... the music, the texts, the atmosphere...and the ideal of world peace that is behind it.
The concert by the way was recorded at the festival of Sacred Music in Fez, Maroc.

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Jordi Savall - Jerusalem
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