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 Introduction to this Forum: “Who am I, this Ger?”

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daniel eliezer

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Introduction to this Forum: “Who am I, this Ger?” Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to this Forum: “Who am I, this Ger?”   Introduction to this Forum: “Who am I, this Ger?” EmptyThu Jun 13, 2013 6:16 am

For those who have difficulty with the transliterated Hebrew and who don’t have access
to Jewish libraries, most transliterated Hebrew can probably be found through Google.
If the word is critical to what I’m saying, then it is explained.
* * *
Introduction to: “Who am I, this Ger?”
I asked the Administration if it would be possible to create one location where I could more comfortably post to, and they have graciously accepted my request. My reasoning for doing so is twofold. First, I have the desire to contribute here and there is need for what I say, but the nature of my writing is such that it just begins to dominate, something which I don’t want to happen. Second, Jewish By Choice is designed and structured for those of us who are inquisitive, searching, and investigating becoming Gerim [Converts to Judaism] or who already are in the process of doing so or who have already become Gerim. Jewish By Choice is here for all of us together, and its greatest importance is that it exists and provides a forum where ‘those exploring what conversion is about’ and ‘those in the process of converting’ and ‘those who are Gerim’ can converse freely, sharing their experiences and their knowledge.

In my life I have been blessed to be all three of these, however for me my inquisitiveness began thirty-nine years ago and resulted in my becoming a Ger thirty-six years ago. Because of this, there is a significant difference between those who participate on JBC, whether as members or as visitors, and between myself. Additionally, I have invested many years studying and contemplating the question, “Who am I, this Ger?”, a topic which I have written no small amount about. There aren’t that many who have done so, neither the asking nor the writing, which is surprising because this question should be central to every Ger and Giyoret’s life.

I do believe though, despite however much it does or does not reside in our consciousness, that this is a question which never really leaves Gerim, yet this notwithstanding mostly it’s one of those life questions that’s gets buried with time and with living our lives. The responsibility for why it hasn’t become buried for me is as much attributable to other Gerim, as it is to me, and to Jews. Today there is such an outright and genuine need to ask and to answer this question, if for no other reason than in this generation there is so much confusion among Jews themselves in asking and answering – neither which they do – “Who am I, this Jew?” When Jews themselves don’t see their ownselves with clarity, then how are they ever going to understand Gerim? Whether Ger or Jew is it, “We’re the same, except we’re really not", or "we’re not the same thing, except we really are?” The co-existence of Jews by Birth and Jews by Choice is challenging, one that is not well addressed, not well attended to, and often not even cared about. “Survived, you’re in; got lost, well, it happens. Sorry.”

My intentions here are to contribute from my experiences, experiences of someone who’s more-than-survived, and someone for whom one of his most fervent prayers is that “we’ll all make it” – and do it with as little unnecessary pain as is possible. But I neither discount nor deny struggling, because this is our responsibility. As is true of life, what we become as Gerim is solely dependent upon what we put into being Gerim. We can be either spectators or participants, but we can’t be both.

To this end, the purpose here is for speaking large, for expanding how we hear, how we think, and how we see. So that there will be no misunderstanding, there is no information here for ‘information’s sake’, something I’m constitutionally incapable of, excepting when absolutely necessary. We want to go places, to dislodge ourselves from the routine and mundane, to expand our awareness and consciousness. We Gerim have what to contribute ‘as Gerim’ and it is our desire to reach being able to do so, not for our own personal sake but because that’s why we’re Gerim.

If what’s been said speaks to your heart, continue following what will be posted; if it doesn’t then even more so continue following. We are all connected, and even if we think “it’s not for me,” we already know or we’re going to meet those for whom it is. It’s for them – for those who need us – is why we need to know.

This may explain the original title, ‘The Deeper End of Conversion’, which was a gift from the Administration, however it’s one which I can’t decide whether it implies ‘you’re more deeply involved’ or whether ‘you’ve gone off the deep end’. For my part, once you’re there, you realize that there’s no difference between them. Have you ever met someone who’s ‘too deeply in love’ – as every Ger & Giyoret should be?!

But the Administration chose a different title, “Who am I, this Ger?”, which is much better because it let’s us know that this forum is inclusive; not exclusive. So if we, too, are ‘too deeply in love’ bring and share our love – the greatest of blessings…the blessings of an open and overflowing heart and soul.

Daniel Eliezer

* * *
What I write doesn’t invite comments within the topic, but I do want you to know
that all are welcome to write me should you have any questions or comments.
I can be reached at: d.e.ben.eitan@gmail.com
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Introduction to this Forum: “Who am I, this Ger?”
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