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 Aliyah by members of my minyanim

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PostSubject: Aliyah by members of my minyanim   Wed Jun 26, 2013 1:22 pm

I just saw from a Facebook post that yet another now-adult "minyan child" is making Aliyah. No connection to Conversion, although her father's second wife (now a member of our minyan) is a convert of many years (30+, at a guess).

That she is making Aliyah is not a surprise since she has spent the past year living and working in Israel and she has a serious boyfriend there. She joins more than a half dozen other "minyan kids" who have made Aliyah (as well as the daughter of minyan members who joined our minyan after she was already an adult). I think about 10% of the children of members of my "primary minyan" have made Aliyah.

Several families from my "tiny minyan" have made Aliyah. In fact, Aliyah is a major contributing factor to that minyan's size shrinking to what I think is below "critical mass" (fewer than 2 dozen regular adult members) such that we only have Shabbat morning services about twice a month plus a once a month Kabbalat Shabbat service plus potluck dinner at a member's home.
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Aliyah by members of my minyanim
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