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 Theology and science

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Theology and science Empty
PostSubject: Theology and science   Theology and science EmptyMon Dec 08, 2014 12:55 am

Those interested in serious debates about God are invited to read my set of 16 essays, entitled:

"Reflections on Theology and Science." The set exists in three forms:

1) A webpage:< http://csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/theology_science.htm >

2) A free pdf file, downloadable from:

< http://csam.montclair.edu/~kowalski/theology_science.pdf >


3) A very inexpensive eBook (only $0.99), available at amazon.com :

< http://www.amazon.com/Reflections-Theology-Science-Ludwik-Kowalski-ebook/dp/B00QMG75ZY >

Please share these resources with those who might be interested, especially students, if appropriate. Comments will be appreciated.

Thank you in advance

Ludwik Kowalski
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Theology and science
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