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 Amy Winhouse a Warning for Diaspora Jews?

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Amy Winhouse a Warning for Diaspora Jews?  Empty
PostSubject: Amy Winhouse a Warning for Diaspora Jews?    Amy Winhouse a Warning for Diaspora Jews?  EmptyTue Sep 06, 2011 2:18 am

Why did a woman of such talents feel the need to become someone else, even when it cost her life? The answer, I think, is that she was conscious, acutely and painfully conscious, of the “nice Jewish girl” she did not want to be and was afraid of becoming. So she did everything possible to make sure she would never be a nice Jewish girl and she did so in the same way that Jews have done so for centuries: By imitating non-Jews.

It is possible, just possible then, that Amy Winehouse is indeed the personification of her Jewish generation, or at least of its dysfunctions. A generation whose pretenses of comfort with their place in the Diaspora and in non-Jewish society are perhaps just that: pretenses. It may be that Winehouse’s need to destroy what she once had been, so desperate that it resulted in what was, essentially, a slow-motion suicide, is secretly shared by that same generation of Diaspora Jews who idolized her as an icon of belonging.
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Amy Winhouse a Warning for Diaspora Jews?
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