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 Talmud study in Korea vs Talmud study in Israel

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Talmud study in Korea vs Talmud study in Israel Empty
PostSubject: Talmud study in Korea vs Talmud study in Israel   Talmud study in Korea vs Talmud study in Israel EmptySun Nov 27, 2011 6:18 pm

These art two different articles which I found interesting (actually a blog and an article), one gentile nation studying the Talmud for good or for bad? Another is Israel ...if at all? I don't know if its true if Talmud is being taught in Korea, I will ask a few friends who teach out there how true this blog is...but it was interesting none the less in regards of the Jerusalem Post wrote in regards to Talmud in Israel. The youth are the future.

Excerpt of the blog:
[This is easily the most fascinating story of my day.

Almost every home in South Korea now contains a Korean-translated Talmud. Their reason for mandatory Talmud study may be a little off-putting - “So we too will become geniuses” - but hey, maybe they know something far too many Jews have forgotten.

More South Korean kids are now studying Talmud than Israelis, and considering the population of South Korea (over 45 million), probably more than all Jews in the world combined.]

Here is the one from Jerulsalem Post:
Fundamentally Freund: Teaching kids to hate Talmud
The centrality of the Talmud in Jewish life now faces an alarming threat from a most unexpected source: Israel’s religious educational system
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Talmud study in Korea vs Talmud study in Israel
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