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 Hi I'm Caroline

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PostSubject: Hi I'm Caroline   Sun Feb 12, 2012 11:58 pm

Thanks for all your replies!

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PostSubject: Re: Hi I'm Caroline   Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:35 am

These are the kind of questions my sponsoring rabbi asked me in our first meeting:
- I think he started by asking me to "tell my story" --- He knew that I had been active in Jewish communities for awhile (my family had a membership in his synagogue since it had merged with another synagogue several years before and my children had attended his synagogue's Hebrew school) and in fact he had been surprised when I called him because he had assumed that I was already Jewish. However, he wanted to better understand my full motivations for contacting him about conversion. (Interestingly enough, asking me to "tell my story" to the other rabbis of the Beit Din was also the way he opened the proceedings on the day of my conversion. I gave more condensed version on that later day.)
- He wanted to know about my previous religious background
- Why did I want to become Jewish?
- What did I like about Judaism?

In your case of a rabbi who does not already know you, I would expect to be asked whether you are romantically involved with a Jew. Or if you have a spouse, partner, or significant other (Jewish or not). And whether you have children.

Unless you are well past middle age, you are likely to be asked about your parent's religious affiliation and about how you expect they will react to your conversion. (It is quite relevant for most converts. I was in my 40's and it was very much still a worry for me.)

The rabbi will be trying to learn about your motivations, possible obstacles (or positive aspects---like for me the fact that my husband of 21 years was Jewish and we had converted our two children), and your current understanding of Judaism.

Since she is a "guest rabbi", you should ask her how it would work for you to study with her for conversion. How often and where will you meet? And is there a fee for her services? (Interestingly enough, I have only heard of Orthodox rabbis charging fees for working with converts in the conversion process; not Reform or Conservative rabbis*, except that "conversion courses" typically have fees (* I'm counting the fee for the online conversion program I know about as a fee for the course rather than the rabbi's time), and it is typical for the rabbis of the Beit Din to be given a nominal compensation (which is sometimes waived with the suggestion that a donation to their synagogues rabbi's discretionary funds or other charitable fund would be appreciated) You should also ask what you will need to do in terms of learning.
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Hi I'm Caroline
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